Should You Get a Guard Dog for Home Security?


The Best in Home Security Protection Protecting your home and living in safety is an important issue on everyone’s mind. It seems that crime rises each year, and this includes the numbers of residential and business burglaries. Of course, you can find any number of home security and surveillance systems on the market, including security […]

Email Security


We all heard of them, Viruses. Also known as Malicious Software, these are spreading all around the world, and they just keep getting more advanced. I have taken many courses in “Computer Security” and have quite a knowledge of computer vulnerabilities. In this document I will be explaining the types of viruses, how they are […]

Hidden Security Cameras – Do You Need One?


There is no question that having a hidden security camera will provide enormous benefits to anyone who owns their own business or home. The question that many people have with these types of security cameras is whether they are right for you and your particular situation. Let’s take a look at the advantages as well […]

Home Office Safety: Is Your Home Office Safe and Secure?


Many of us work from home offices that are both convenient and comfortable, but are they safe? Unfortunately, we have to worry about crime in all aspects of our lives, and a home office can be vulnerable to a wide array of crimes. If your home office isn’t safe and secure, you could be putting […]

How to Add Security to Your Home-Based Business


If you’re running a home-based business, it’s likely that you’re using computers and connecting to the Internet on a daily basis. Making sure your computer is secure and protected from viruses, worms and hackers is a top priority, and there are several things you can do to ensure that important files stored on your computer […]